Farmers Market

Green and Clean Farmers Market (mF)

San Diego, California

Farmers Market

4265 Mount Etna Drive


Seasons and Hours of Operation

Season 1: , hours: Sat: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM


** Notional mFOODIE app market * Organic 🌿 non-GMO 💐 local 🌏

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Drink 💦

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"The Greens" play today!

Come out to 👀 our own home-grown band play for all the mFOODIEs. They're on stage 10:00 AM to Noon! 😎


Great Breakfast!🍓🥞🥘

...Or lunch or dinner! Farm fresh eggs! 🌞🏝🆗

Farmers Market Special

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